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Internet Speed Test

Test your internet connection speed.
Compare your results to what they should be.

(Alternative Speed Testers - JavaScript - html5 - flash - htm4)

Fax Test Need somebody to send you a fax test?
Uverse Line Test This handy website gives you the same info as calling ATTs 800 number to test your own connection, but without the headache of talking on the phone to robots and foreigners.
Printer Ink Test Print this image to see if any of your ink cartridges are out of ink.
Password Test How long would it take a hacker to guess YOUR password? It is safe to enter your password on this site because the calculations are all done on your computer, so your password is never sent to this site.
UVerse Availability Test See if UVerse is availible at your place.
IPv6 Test June 6th, 2012, IPv6 was enabled for many major parts of the internet. The internet is running out of IPv4 addreses. Are you ready?
Missing Update Test Inspect your operating system and software (such as adobe flash, reader, java, quicktime, etc)
for insecure versions and missing security updates. This test used to be web-based but now it requires downloading and registration.
Encryption Test Test your web browsers encryption strength.
Web Traffic Snooping Test Can your ISP and other internet infrastructure operators snoop on your web browsing?
Firewall Test This test will perform a port scan on your internet connection
to see if your computer is waiting for hackers to take advantage of you.
Ransomware Identifier - Also try this one Upload an encrypted file, and it will tell you which ransomware encrypted it
and let you know if there is a known way to decrypt it for free.
Malicious File Test Upload a suspicious file, and it will scan it against over 50 antivirus blacklists
and tell you the results from each one.
Doc Macro Test
Docm Macro Test
This document will show you if your word processor is executing macros
PDF Javascript Test Is your PDF reader executing javascript?
Screen Refresh Rate Test Is your screen running at 30 frames per second, or 60, or 90?