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- Tames Windows 10

- It's all plain text files, and well commented, so you can see everything it does


-creates a folder on the admin desktop for useful shortcuts such as the printer control panel, and "add/remove programs", any many other shortcuts that are used by admins frequently but are hidden deeply in win10's gui. that work when the win10 start menu is broken
-checks for low hard drive space
-checks s.m.a.r.t. stats for failing hard drives
-checks event viewer for events that indicate a bad drive, such as 129 and 154
-adds some useful utilities such as a windows update blocker, shadow copy viewer, remote support, and a disk space analyzer
-installs chrome and ublock origin
-disables as many Edge advertisements as possible
-disables as much data-sharing to microsoft as possible
-disables troublesome sleep modes
-auto-upgrades certain programs, like adobe reader, duplicati, veeam
-sets time zone to central
-removes garbage printers such as onenote and xps
-removes garbage apps such as candy crush, bubble witch, dragon mania, xbox, and many other toy apps that should not be on a business computer
-sets search indexer to low priority to increase performance for the user
-checks for potentially unwanted software, such as software from russia or china
-checks for software that allows remote access to the computer, such as CTES and ITSPlatform