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- Windows Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Win7
- Turn your computer into an alarm clock.
- Low overhead, 193KB doesn't even have to be installed.
- Gentle wake alarm that gradually increases in volume so you won't be startled out of bed
- Automatic snoozes, schedule alarms that sound for only 4 seconds before the real alarms
- Multiple wake-up times, set as many alarms per day as desired
- Fully configurable alarm schedules for each day of the week
- Never wake up early on the weekend because you forgot to turn it off
- Never be late for work monday because you forgot to turn it back on
- Never worry about daylight savings time
- Very easy to use interface
- Just wake up and press enter or the spacebar, very easy to do even when you are only half awake
- I've been using it since 1999, tried and tested, very stable
- Runs in the system tray
- Place a shortcut in the startup group of your start menu

Download (187KB)