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Before you buy a MAC...

- Macs cost twice as much

- Macs are not compatible with over half the business software I have seen

- I can’t promise you I can fix problems with Macs like I can PCs.  I do not have the tools I need to fix Macs because less than 1% of my customers have them.  The good news is, Apple has good tech support.

- Macs are NOT virus proof like the commercials want you to believe.  This is false advertisement, and they should be sued for it.  Don’t take my word for it, just search google for FlashBack, that was the most recent major virus that hit Mac hard. Other's include MacDefender, OpinionSpy, Krowi, MacSweeper, DNSChanger, RSPlug, Jahlav, and Leap, just to name a few.  It is true that there are way more viruses for PC than Mac, but this is only due to the fact that Macs have very little market share.  If more people had Macs, viruses would be as big a problem as they are on PCs.  If you were about to write a virus, would you write one that was compatible with 99% of computers, or 1%? The more people that use macs, the more mac-compatable malware there will be. There were 460,000 malware instances affecting the Mac OS in the fourth quarter of 2016. [source]

- Macs can run Windows programs by using a special simulator called Parallels.  This works surprisingly good, but it’s not perfect.  You still have to pay for Windows, which is $100-$150.  Any program with heavy graphics, such as 3D games, will not be usable with Parallels.  Using Parallels opens you up to all the viruses aimed at PCs.  Special hardware will not work with Parallels, such as PCI cards that interface with certain devices like embroidery machines, special printers, dial up modems, VOIP cards, RAID cards, and so on…

- Macs used to have an advantage in graphics processing, back in the day.  Programs like Photoshop and AutoCAD used to have fewer delays on Macs, but those days are long gone.  Windows gives you way more speed per dollar now, even with heavy graphics.

- So what’s the advantage with a Mac?  If you are a college student, you can be “cool” with a Mac.  They are cool because of their simple looking exterior design, and everybody knows how much they cost.  It’s no different than buying a Gucci purse or a BMW.  If that’s what you are going for, then go for it, just don’t expect it to be as practical as a PC.